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About Us
Alaire Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced technology development support, systems engineering and program management support for Electronic Warfare (EW) Self Protection systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors and sensor systems.
 Today's Warfighter needs the most advanced technology available to maximize his/her situational awareness and stay ahead of an increasingly sophisticated array of threat systems.  Alaire Technologies is working with military research facilities and Department of Defense agencies to develop the technological edge required to ensure mission success and to bring our warfighters home safely.
Alaire Technologies specializes in support for advanced technology research, prototype system development, air/sea/land testing of developmental systems in realistic combat simulations and the transition of these systems to full scale production for deployment.  AlaireTechnologies provides services to all branches of the Department of Defense, Defense industry partners and Allied/Coalition forces. 
Alaire Technologies, Inc. is a veteran owned small business with offices located in Virginia and Maryland.
Alaire Technologies personnel have over 60 years of military and defense industry experience supporting the latest in weapon and sensor system development. 
Today, Alaire Technologies is working to help develop the next generation of sensors to detect threats to our Warfighters
and advanced countermeasure systems that will defeat those threats. 
The Alaire Technologies team has extensive experience supporting the development, testing and fielding of EW Self-Protection systems and ISR sensor systems for combat aircraft, ships and ground vehicles.
Our personnel have supported the Naval Research Laboratory, the Office of Naval Research, the Naval Air Systems Command and the Department of Homeland Security on a broad range of Electronic Warfare sensor and countermeasure programs.
Programs supported include Expendable Infrared (IR)   Countermeasures (flares), Laser based Directed IR Counter Measure   (DIRCM) systems, Electro-Optic (EO) Countermeasures, Radio   Frequency (RF) Countermeasure systems and advanced Ultraviolet   (UV) and Infrared (IR) Missile Warning Systems (MWS).  Alaire   Technologies personnel also have experience supporting the development of Countermeasures for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and new technology that will detect and locate hostile small arms fire directed at combat aircraft.
US/NATO/Allied and Coalition air, sea and land forces will face increasingly sophisticated IR/EO/RF guided missile systems, Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, High Power Directed Energy Weapons and new Asymmetric Warfare threats.  To meet the challenge these threats pose, a new generation of advanced sensor systems and EW countermeasures must be designed, tested and fielded. 
New sensor systems must be capable of fusing information from a variety of onboard and off-board sensors operating in different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.   Additionally, these new systems must connect with the Global Information Network to aid overall Battlespace situational awareness.
New generation EW countermeasures must be increasingly sophisticated and adaptable to the changing operational modes of new generation threats.
The Alaire Technologies team has the proven engineering, technical and program management experience necessary to help these critical efforts succeed.  Our team is ready now to support the development, testing and fielding of systems that will enable our Warfighters to achieve mission success and return safely.
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