Alaire Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced technology development, systems engineering and program management support for defense systems.   Today's Warfighter needs the most advanced technology available to maximize his/her situational awareness and stay ahead of an increasingly sophisticated array of threat systems.  Alaire Technologies is working with military research facilities to give them the technology edge they need.
Alaire Technologies, Inc.
10815 Harley Road
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Alaire Technologies personnel have over 45 years of military experience supporting the latest in weapon and sensor system development.  Today Alaire Technologies is working to help develop the next generation of sensors to detect threats to our Warfighters and advanced countermeasure systems that will defeat those threats. 
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FAX:    (703) 339-0252
Alaire Technologies provides support to advanced technology research, prototype system development, air/sea/land testing of development systems in realistic combat simulations and transition of these technologies to full scale production for military deployment.  Alaire Technologies provides services to all branches of the Department of Defense, Defense industry partners and allied forces. 
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