Electronic Warfare (EW) & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems

  • Analysis of Alternatives for Electronic Warfare & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems.

  • Electronic Warfare & Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance system requirements analysis.

  • Electronic Warfare Self Protection System Design support for manned and unmanned platforms.

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Sensor/System Design support for manned and unmanned platforms. Sensor Fusion Design support and analysis.

  • Technology Transition support for DOD Services. Technology Acquisition Program Management support. Technology Production Transition Support.

  • Assistance in the development of improved training, tactics and procedures based on the fielding of next generation Electronic Warfare Self-Protection Systems and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Sensor Systems.

Developmental and Operational Testing
(DT & OT)

  • Lab/Field/Flight/Sea testing planning and coordination.

  • Live Fire test planning, coordination and executionz.

  • Sensor/System test installation support.

  • Manned/Unmanned test aircraft support.

  • Test results analysis.

Advanced Technologies

US/NATO/Allied and Coalition air, sea and land forces will face increasingly sophisticated IR/EO/RF guided missile threat systems, Electromagnetic Pulse weapons, High Power Directed Energy Weapons and new Asymmetric Warfare threats. To meet the challenges these threats pose to our forces, a new generation of advanced combat aircraft EW Self-Protection systems, sensor systems and countermeasures must be designed, tested and fielded.

New systems must be capable of fusing information from a variety of onboard and off-board sensors operating in different areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. Additionally, these new systems must connect with the Global Information Network to aid overall Battlespace situational awareness.

New generation EW countermeasures must be increasingly sophisticated and adaptable to the changing operational modes of new generation threats, including directed energy anti-aircraft systems now in development.

The Alaire Technologies team has the proven engineering, technical and program management experience necessary to help these critical efforts succeed. Our team is ready now to support the development, testing and fielding of systems that will enable our Warfighters to achieve mission success and return safely.

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